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Developing Validation and Test Data for Flight Control Sensor

Developing Validation and Test Data for Flight Control Sensor


Validation is a process carried out after training to determine the degree of validity of a measuring device. In flight control process, Flight Control Sensors (FCS) are used to identify objects, obstacles and other spacecraft in flight during a flying session. There are primary and secondary flight control units or sensors. In developing the sensors, some parameters need to be monitored namely, Parameters of the analysis model, Imputed values and parameters of the imputation models and Random effects. Training, validation and testing are carried out in the order of 60%, 20% and 20%, respectively. In all machine learning models, validation set is used to train the parameters of a model while test set is used to evaluate the performance. Validation set is used to tune the hyper parameters. Especially in cases where over fitting is to be mitigated, validation is carried out. Results show the training representation and the level of sensitivity of the FCS in use.

Keywords: Validation; Flight Control Sensor; Hyper Parameters; Over fitting; Test Data

Ezeagwu, Christopher Ogwugwuam, PhD1; Eze, Marcel Nduka2; Mgbachi C. A., PhD3

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