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Development of Digital Ambu-Respiratory Guided Device

Development of Digital Ambu-Respiratory Guided Device


Patients suffering from protracted heart failure often find it challenging to respire healthily and so need to be monitored for an emergency. In addition, analysis has proven that deep breathing is a cradle of non-pharmacological treatment of high blood pressure. High blood pressure often leads to protracted heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Urgent attention and innovation to this need brought about the development of this technology for African Transformation. Hence, this research work titled “Development of Digital Ambu-Respiratory Guided Device” is aimed to develop a system that will support and monitor the breathing condition of a patient in the hospital or at home. The system constantly gives out the sound signal of breath through the microphone as well as monitors the breathing condition of the patient and displays the breathing output through an LCD. This was implemented with an Arduino Uno microcontroller programmed with an embedded-C. The system was first designed and simulated using Proteus software and then, the prototype was fabricated. The developed system was tested satisfactorily and it was observed that it can be used by everyone to monitor breathing conditions. In conclusion, a device to monitor breathing conditions to be used by everyone including healthcare professionals is developed.

Keywords: Breathing Monitor; Blood-Pressure; Sound Signal; Digital Ambu-Respiratory Guided Device

1Nwobodo-Nzeribe, Nnenna Harmony; 2Adejumo, Oluwadamilola Hajarat

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