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Mitigation of the Impact of Cooling System Failure in a Mobile Switching Center Using an Adaptive Controller

Mitigation of the Impact of Cooling System Failure in a Mobile Switching Center Using an Adaptive Controller


The aim of this research work is to develop an adaptive controller to mitigate the impact of cooling failure in a mobile switching center prefab room(s) during power or cooling failure. Heat build-up inside the telecom room is unavoidable since the cooling systems do not work during a power outage causing rapid rising temperature above ASHREA recommended guideline of 18 to 22oC for optimum performance. This heat if unmanaged during a power loss leads to total or partial services downtime, and as a result, data is lost, customer quality of experience (QoE) is impacted, business reputation is damaged, and revenue is lost. The characterization and simulation results presented in Table 2 and 5 shows that the combined cooling reliability of all the prefab rooms was 58.54% at 744hrs and suggests that only 58.54% of the prefab rooms can sustain cooling after a one-month cycle period. Further checks on the combined cooling reliability gave 83.53% at 250hrs for same failure rate and calls for urgent and stringent maintenance program to be developed for 250hrs cycle and proactively applied to the cooling units on a need basis to improve the reliability of the older units especially during the heat season of the year. This should be in addition to the already existing 744hrs maintenance cycle. Also, the test result of the developed Adaptive controller shows an improvement in MTTR from about 60 mins to < 2 mins and validates the ability of the controller to improve the overall system reliability to 99.982% required for high performance of the switching center and public safety as specified by ANSI/TIA. Lastly, the developed Adaptive controller will mitigate the impact of cooling failure in any of the mobile switching center prefab rooms and can be implemented in any telecommunication room where cooling is critical for optimum operation.

Keywords: Cooling System Failure; Mobile Switching Center; Adaptive Controller

Anyahara, I. C. & Onoh, G. N.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7413430 | FULL PDF