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An Enhanced Security Scheme for Data and Communication Networks

An Enhanced Security Scheme for Data and Communication Networks

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  • August 23, 2022
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Communication in the world has become a very vital part of living, and the world is becoming more interconnected with the advancement in the networking technology. There are equally large amounts of highly treasured personal, military, commercial, and government information being transmitted over the network infrastructure worldwide. The need to take preventive measure to keep the network and data safe from unauthorized users and other threats that are increasing every day cannot be overemphasized. Previous efforts like firewalls and other essential tools used to defend networks against security threats are failing. In this paper blowfish scheme was used to enhance the security of data in the network under study. The network was first characterized to find out the encryption speed of the network with its current protection. The blowfish security algorithm was then introduced and simulation results showed that while the encryption speed of the characterized network reduces with the increase in the size of the data block being transmitted, but with the blowfish scheme the encryption speed was faster and remained fairly constant no matter the size of the data block being transmitted. The percentage improvement achieved was 24.5% on encryption time. The decryption key was improved from 8bit to 32 bit in the new algorithm making the decryption process more complex for hackers. Hence the new scheme provides a very good protection against attacks with greater processing speed and efficiency.

Keywords: Data Security, Encryption Algorithm, Enhanced Security Scheme, Communication Network

Authorship: Alor, M. O. | FULL PDF