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Risk Management Towards Effective Project Planning in South-South Nigeria

Risk Management Towards Effective Project Planning in South-South Nigeria

Joshua Dienye Jaja1 and Ezekiel Nnadi PhD2
Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT), Enugu

Project delivery has become a vital tool for a nation’s economic measurement and evaluation. Project success is valued in terms of delivered time, executed cost, work quality, and environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, the actualization of the listed objectives may be hindered by factors identified as risks like poor estimation, poor construction management, variation, and so on. Risk management is the most effective project management practice in order to achieve project delivery and sustainability. This work aims at identifying and evaluating the risks militating against the successful delivery of construction projects in Nigeria and the means of curbing it. Data were collected via distributed questionnaires and case studies. The study utilized a qualitative, descriptive research method. The article is theoretical in nature and drew its arguments from secondary sources, such as journals, books, newspapers, Internet sources, and official documents the data collected were analyzed using nonparametric statistics such as the t-test statistic. Findings revealed that the level of practice of risk management in project planning in Southern Nigeria is significantly low, this is due to inadequate involvement of Project managers in the early stage of the project. Risks identified like inadequate quantities, corruption, and poor planning have a significant impact on project delivery in Nigeria. The work further revealed that risks do not occur at a specific work stage but spread through the whole project life cycle while impacting more on the execution stage. It is concluded that for successful project delivery in Nigeria, all parties involved must factor risk effect into planning in order to ensure successful delivery of the project to time, expected quality, and cost.ABSTRACT

Keywords: Risk Management; Effective Project Planning; Expected Quality and Cost; South-South Nigeria

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Jaja, D. J. & Nnadi, E. (2023). Risk Management Towards Effective Project Planning in South-South Nigeria. International Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 6(2), 15-29. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8279048