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Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Performance of Federal Establishments in Enugu State 2015-2021

Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Performance of Federal Establishments in Enugu State 2015-2021

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  • September 7, 2022
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This study examined the issue of “Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Performance of Federal Establishments in Enugu State, 2015-2021”. The problem that necessitated this study was because the adoption of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) by the Federal Government was seen by many as aimed at plugging loopholes in the Nigerian financial system, leading to the controversial argument over the pros and cons of the policy. The study focused on two specific objectives. It examined the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and efficient cash management, and the extent Treasury Single Account (TSA) is significant in fraud control. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design and used a structured questionnaire for data collection. The study made use of both primary and secondary sources of data. The population of the study was 1,815 staff. The sample size of 328 was determined using the Taro Yamane formula. The purposive sampling technique was used for the selection of the sample size of each establishment. The data collected were presented and analyzed using frequency, percentage, and t-test analytical tools. The study revealed that Treasury Single Account (TSA) has a positive effect on efficient cash management. Thus, the calculated t-test of 4.893 was greater than the critical value of the t-test of 2.306, and the first hypothesis was accepted. It was also discovered that Treasury Single Account (TSA) is significant in fraud control to a large extent. Similarly, the t-calculated of 6.778 is greater than the t-critical value of 2.306 and therefore the second hypothesis was accepted. The study recommended the need for the Federal Government to engross immense public enlightenment and explanation around the significance of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) to nurture its success. The study also recommended the need for government to shelter as soon as probable the applicable statutory support to prop the applicable nonsupervisory atmosphere which will drive the effective perpetration of the policy. It was concluded that the relinquishment of storeroom single account has provoked efficient and effective operation of cash in Nigerian public sector, sustained a considerable reduction in the position of fraudulent conditioning and aid bettered position of responsibility.

 Keywords: Treasury Single Account; Performance of Federal Establishment; Efficient Cash Management; Fraud Control

Authorship: Okegbe, O. & Ezeodili, W. O. PhD | FULL PDF