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Development of an Intelligent Solar-Powered Immunization Vaccine Storage System

Development of an Intelligent Solar-Powered Immunization Vaccine Storage System

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  • February 15, 2022
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Immunization is a key component of primary health care organized by the World Health Organization globally to boost the human immune system through vaccination. The vaccine is given during immunization to reduce the risk of infection and drastically lower the number of deaths among Africans who are temperature-sensitive biological products. To maintain the product qualities of the vaccine from the time of manufacture to the point of administration during immunization exercise need cold chain. However, cold chain infrastructure is not available in rural areas of Nigeria due to the inaccessibility of electricity supply. This research is aimed at improving the vaccine cold chain system in rural areas through the provision of an intelligent solar-powered immunization vaccine storage system. The system’s circuit diagram was first designed and simulated using Proteus 8 software. Solar panel of 300W, battery of 180AH, thermoelectric of 12V, 10mA, 120W, Temperature sensor of 5V,20mA, 0.1W, LED of 2V,10mA, 0.04W and ATMEGA 328P of 5V,16mA, 0.08W were the hardware used. For the software requirements, Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was used to write and upload the program using the C++ programming language. The developed prototype was tested satisfactorily to ensure that vaccines were kept and preserved at the required temperature of 2℃ and 7℃.

Keywords: Immunization; Vaccination; Solar-Powered Immunization; Vaccine Storage System

Nwobodo-Nzeribe, Nnenna Harmony, Ngene, John and Aballa, Agatha Nkechi | Full PDF