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Reduction of Outages in Transmission Using Real-Time Technique

Reduction of Outages in Transmission Using Real-Time Technique

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  • November 2, 2021
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Availability of power supply and steady electric power to the users is vital to the growth of any economy to achieve its maximum benefits. In Nigeria, the country faces a serious challenge in terms of power supply. This is caused by low power generation as a result of vandalism of power facilities by dubious people and by other factors like aging of power facilities, overloading transformers, etc. The main problem is that little generated power is not properly managed. The allocated megawatts by different load centers (substations) are being consumed above the allocated megawatts. That is to say that the consumed megawatts exceed the allocated megawatts due to the higher demand for power. This situation gives birth to emergency load shedding. So, the problem is how do we reduce this emergency load shedding in transmission lines? The real-time technique was used to examine and adopted to reduce emergency load shedding in the transmission line. The real-time technique is a system, that allocates load or megawatts to maintain, allocate sheet for hourly reading, monitor load, raise alarm if the consumption exceeds the load allocations, and control or isolate substation that exceeded load allocation. The following were done: Collation of transmissions line outages data, Application of real-time techniques to Transmission line Network, simulate results using MATLAB. Hypertext processor (PHP) software was used to write a program that monitors and controls load allocation. The real-time technique was introduced using General Cotton Mill (GCM) 132kV substation as a test system, and the result shows that the real-time technique reduces emergency load shedding by 0.1892%.  The work shows the result of the real-time technique and how such a technique can be extended to the entire grid to reduce emergency load shedding.

Keywords: Outages, Transmission Line Network, Real-time Technique, Power Supply

Ugwu George Ph.D. | Full PDF