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Producing Ceiling Sheets from Locally Sourced Materials

Producing Ceiling Sheets from Locally Sourced Materials


The study focused on the production of ceiling board using rice husk and sawdust. Both raw materials are found in abundance locally and sometimes they constitute environmental hazard. Likewise, the use of locally sourced agricultural waste also eliminates the health risk posed by asbestos. Rice husk and sawdust are mixed properly in the ratio of 40:60, 50:50 and 60:40. The produced ceiling boards were tested for flexural strength, wear rate, water absorption rate. From the obtained result, it was observed that sample R40S60 has the highest flexural strength of 1.688N/mm2. It also has the least wear loss of 33.3% and highest wear resistance property of 3.003/kg. However, it also absorbed 49.9% of water as against 33.3% absorbed by other samples. It is worthy to note that all samples exceeded the minimum flexural strength of 0.018N/mm2 recommended for Gypson ceiling board.

Keywords: Producing Ceiling Sheets, Locally Sourced Materials, Ceiling Board

1Nwogbu, C.C.; 2Agbo A.O. and 3Nwogbu, P.I  |  Download Full PDF