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Characterization of Facts Device for Optimal Mitigation of Technical Losses in Transmission Line

Characterization of Facts Device for Optimal Mitigation of Technical Losses in Transmission Line


The standard voltage operating condition in transmission line ranges from 0.95 to 1.05 in per unit system and the acceptable losses is 5%.  Most times, low power quality and frequent power outages in the Nigeria power network are traceable to transmission line voltage violation. This has caused several damages on the power system facilities and incessant load shedding. The transmission line voltage violation may be due to losses resulting from heat effect on parallel conductors, magnetic fields between conductors, and low power factor of the system. These losses are generalized as technical losses. It was observed that there is voltage violation and the losses are not reasonable, leading to burning of power facilities, low power quality, frequent outages, incessant load shedding and it is traceable to technical losses. Hence, Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) was adopted to mitigate the technical losses in transmission line in an attempt for the network to behave accordingly. Characterization of transmission line was done by collecting the line data and bus data from National Control Center (NCC). System load flow study was carried out using Newton Raphson method. It was used to investigate the present state of transmission line network, to check if they were within the standard operating condition. Transmission line of 41 bus network was modeled using Power system analysis Tools Box (PSAT). TCSC was model and was integrated into the network using multiple sensitivity method. The simulation was run in three categories in order to reflect the dynamic nature of power system, which include normal condition, high voltage condition and low voltage condition.  The result showed that out of 41 buses analyzed, there were voltage violations at 15- buses while total active power loss was 403.8555MW and that of the reactive power loss was 377.2228Mvar. TCSC model developed was integrated into the network of Nigerian 41 bus network using multiple sensitivity method. The result showed that violated voltage reduced from 15 to 6 buses with introduction of TCSC. The line losses reduced from 403.8555MW to 269.458MW.  Then, with SVC the violated buses reduce from 15 to 6 while the line loss reduces from 403.8555 to 365.0895. The result showed that TCSC perform better than SVC.

Keywords: Facts Device, Technical, Losses, Transmission Line, Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator

Ugwu George, Ph.D. | Download Full PDF