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Integrated Marketing Communication and Performance of Nigeria Hospitality Sector

Integrated Marketing Communication and Performance of Nigeria Hospitality Sector

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  • October 5, 2022
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The dramatic change in the business environment due to advances in technology and variations in consumer demands have led organizations to come up with more effective ways to communicate, persuade and remind the target market about its products and services. Today, integrated marketing communication (IMC) has been widely acknowledged as a remarkable marketing tool by researchers. Despite the numerous types of research on integrated marketing communication, its effect on performance continues to be somewhat neglected within the hospitality sector. The study examined the effect of integrated marketing communication on the performance of hotels in Nigeria. It sought to find out the extent to which integrated marketing communication tools influence the performance of hotels. A descriptive survey research design was employed for the study. The study findings revealed that advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and social media marketing as integrated marketing communication tools are positively correlated and significantly affect hotels’ performance. The study further provided reliable empirical evidence to confirm that the use of integrated marketing communication tools such as advertising, sales promotion, social media, and public relations could potentially enable hotels to improve their overall performance.

Keywords: Integrated; Marketing Communication; Performance; Nigeria Hospitality Sector

Authorship: Onyike, J. U. & Orga, C. C. | FULL PDF