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Job Characteristics and Employee Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Enugu State

Job Characteristics and Employee Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Enugu State

Authored by

Onyike, John Uga PhD & Prof. Chris C. Orga
Department of Human Resource Management, ESUT Business School, Enugu State University of Science and Technology

AbstractThe study examined job characteristics and employee performance of manufacturing companies in Enugu State. The specific objectives of the study were to: determine the relationship between task variety and, employee engagement, Examine the effect of task identity on employee satisfaction, and ascertain the relationship between task significance and employee turnover. The study was conducted with a set of hypotheses that related directly to the research objectives and questions. The study adopted a survey research design where the data were collected through a well-structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was structured in line with the variables as stated as hypotheses. The Likert-type scale was adopted. A sample size of 299 was drawn from a population of 1181 employees of the seven selected manufacturing firms. The sample size for the study was determined using the Yamane formula. The data were analyzed with the aid of a statistical package for social sciences (SPSS version 28). Data were presented and analyzed using frequency distribution, percentages, chi-square, and Regression Analysis statistical methods. The findings of the study revealed that Task variety has a significant relationship with employee engagement with a chi-square value of (ꭓ2=21.18; p=0.001); Task identity has a significant positive effect on employee satisfaction with a Regression analysis value of (p<0.017). We concluded that job characteristics had a significant positive relationship with the employee performance of manufacturing firms in Enugu state. Based on the findings, we recommended that manufacturing firms in Southeast and the entire of Nigeria should endeavor to hold strongly on the organizational job characteristics since they had a significant positive relationship with employee performance.Keywords: Job Characteristics; Employee Performance; Manufacturing Companies; Task Identity; Task Variety