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Effect of On-Board Diagnostic System on Fault Detection in Automobile on Trainees’ Achievement and Retention in Idaw River Layout Area, Enugu South L.G.A

Effect of On-Board Diagnostic System on Fault Detection in Automobile on Trainees’ Achievement and Retention in Idaw River Layout Area, Enugu South L.G.A

Effect of On-Board Diagnostic System on Fault Detection in Automobile on Trainees’ Achievement and Retention in Idaw River Layout Area, Enugu South L.G.A

Ezeora, Boniface Ugochukwu Ph.D.1; & Ehimen, Theophilus Ehijele Ph.D.2

1Department of Technology and Vocational Education (TVE)
Faculty of Education, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)
2Department of Vocational and Technology Education
Niger Delta University Bayelsa State


Technology has made significant impact in the Automobile industry. The digital era made tremendous in-road into the Automobile industry. Most automobiles manufactured according to the specifications of the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), from the year 2000 referred to as millennium vehicles possess some unique features. Such features include, components hitherto merely mechanical are now electro-mechanical, mechatronics and digital sensors with electrical/electronic linkages. The digital device has the ability for the vehicle system to record operating conditions. They are fitted with standardized codes that engender diagnostic capabilities of the device. The codes and operating conditions of the vehicle could be read from an appropriate scan tool. This technological development enhances fault detection in millennium vehicles. This study therefore sought to determine the compliance status of local motor mechanics who employ traditional diagnosing method to those who use the On-Board Diagnostic System (OBDS). The study was a quasi-experimental research design. A research question and a hypothesis guided the study. The instrument for data collection was a 20-item achievement test (OBDSAT). An intact class of seven students offering Automobile Technology from Department of Technology and Vocational Education, ESUT, was used as experimental group while a cluster of motor mechanics with bias in Japanese Toyota cars brand at Emeka Ebila area of Idaw River layout, Enugu were used as control group. The instrument used was validated by three experts. The reliability coefficient using Kuder Richardson (K-R 20) coefficient formula yielded 0.78 while internal stability using Pearson Product Moment coefficient formula yielded 0.68. The research question and hypothesis analysis showed that the traditional/conventional fault detection methods could not achieve as high as those exposed to the (OBDS). It is therefore recommended by the researcher that government should set up an agency of government to re-engineer the analog motor mechanics to embrace the OBDS. This process would enhance their competencies and the economy of the state. Alternatively, since the motor mechanics are already organized in clusters, their leaders could be trained on the OBDS skills so that they in turn would train their members. The ability of this large array of motor mechanics to be OBDS compliant would save the operators of millennium vehicles the agony of exposing their cars to trial-and-error cartels. Finally, a five-year moratorium should be allowed for the local mechanics to adopt the OBDS skills and acquire the equipment. At the expiration of the five years, the government agency would issue OBDS compliant certificate whose inscription should be boldly erected at the entrance of the motor mechanic workshops of all those certified compliant.

Keywords: Fault Detection; Digital Sensors; On-Board Diagnostic System (OBDS); Automobile Industry


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Accepted December 17th, 2021
Published December 31st, 2021