Live Covid-19
United States 89,360,080
Cases: 89,360,080
Deaths: 1,042,678
Recovered: 84,916,391
Active: 3,401,011
India 43,471,282
Cases: 43,471,282
Deaths: 525,139
Recovered: 42,836,906
Active: 109,237
Brazil 32,358,451
Cases: 32,358,451
Deaths: 671,466
Recovered: 30,846,850
Active: 840,135
France 31,083,859
Cases: 31,083,859
Deaths: 149,533
Recovered: 29,620,989
Active: 1,313,337
Germany 28,293,960
Cases: 28,293,960
Deaths: 141,189
Recovered: 26,702,200
Active: 1,450,571
United Kingdom 22,720,345
Cases: 22,720,345
Deaths: 180,330
Recovered: 22,145,429
Active: 394,586
Italy 18,523,111
Cases: 18,523,111
Deaths: 168,353
Recovered: 17,469,969
Active: 884,789
Russia 18,433,394
Cases: 18,433,394
Deaths: 381,165
Recovered: 17,861,605
Active: 190,624
South Korea 18,368,857
Cases: 18,368,857
Deaths: 24,555
Recovered: 18,204,741
Active: 139,561
Turkey 15,123,331
Cases: 15,123,331
Deaths: 99,032
Recovered: 15,005,249
Active: 19,050
Spain 12,734,038
Cases: 12,734,038
Deaths: 107,906
Recovered: 12,218,358
Active: 407,774
Vietnam 10,746,470
Cases: 10,746,470
Deaths: 43,087
Recovered: 9,681,318
Active: 1,022,065
Argentina 9,367,172
Cases: 9,367,172
Deaths: 129,070
Recovered: 9,163,334
Active: 74,768
Japan 9,329,520
Cases: 9,329,520
Deaths: 31,281
Recovered: 9,135,363
Active: 162,876
Netherlands 8,184,179
Cases: 8,184,179
Deaths: 22,378
Recovered: 8,063,483
Active: 98,318
Australia 8,162,153
Cases: 8,162,153
Deaths: 9,930
Recovered: 7,905,095
Active: 247,128
Iran 7,238,126
Cases: 7,238,126
Deaths: 141,389
Recovered: 7,062,657
Active: 34,080
Colombia 6,175,181
Cases: 6,175,181
Deaths: 140,070
Recovered: 5,984,546
Active: 50,565
Indonesia 6,090,509
Cases: 6,090,509
Deaths: 156,740
Recovered: 5,916,854
Active: 16,915
Mexico 6,034,602
Cases: 6,034,602
Deaths: 325,716
Recovered: 5,192,957
Active: 515,929
Poland 6,015,634
Cases: 6,015,634
Deaths: 116,429
Recovered: 5,335,673
Active: 563,532
Portugal 5,171,236
Cases: 5,171,236
Deaths: 24,149
Recovered: 4,745,321
Active: 401,766
Ukraine 5,017,038
Cases: 5,017,038
Deaths: 108,638
Recovered: 4,906,519
Active: 1,881
North Korea 4,744,430
Cases: 4,744,430
Deaths: 73
Recovered: 4,736,220
Active: 8,137
Malaysia 4,566,055
Cases: 4,566,055
Deaths: 35,765
Recovered: 4,500,856
Active: 29,434
Thailand 4,525,269
Cases: 4,525,269
Deaths: 30,667
Recovered: 4,470,490
Active: 24,112
Austria 4,438,883
Cases: 4,438,883
Deaths: 18,792
Recovered: 4,314,940
Active: 105,151
Israel 4,344,800
Cases: 4,344,800
Deaths: 10,958
Recovered: 4,259,884
Active: 73,958
Belgium 4,225,222
Cases: 4,225,222
Deaths: 31,903
Recovered: 4,122,858
Active: 70,461
South Africa 3,993,843
Cases: 3,993,843
Deaths: 101,793
Recovered: 3,880,462
Active: 11,588

Administrative Roles of Vice-Chancellors and Deans of Faculties in Nigerian Universities for Curbing Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic in Nigeria: Henry Fayol’s Approach

Administrative Roles of Vice-Chancellors and Deans of Faculties in Nigerian Universities for Curbing Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic in Nigeria: Henry Fayol’s Approach


Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to the total lockdown of the most of the human activities in various parts of the world, Nigeria inclusive. The outbreak posse serious concern to global educational systems. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the outbreak of corona virus has caused a public health emergency of international concern. Effective control measures are therefore, necessary to prevent the virus from further spreading, especially in this second wave of this new strain of corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic and to assist control the epidemic situation. One of the effective control measures is the sudden and unscheduled total lockdown of schools at various levels of education, not only in Nigerian but all over the world. Hence, on march 19,2020, Nigerian government through the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), ordered the immediate closure of all schools at various levels, universities inclusive. Therefore, efforts to contain COVID-19 outbreak prompted the immediate sudden and unscheduled closure of Nigerian universities, which left all the university students out of school. It is therefore not arguably, that interference of corona virus pandemic has caused so many challenges on Nigerian university education. The University education, which the study is delimited is the apex of all educational system where the high manpower needs of any nation is produced for its all-round developments. Therefore, the Nigerian University students require proper attention and care. The Vice-Chancellors and Deans of the faculties who occupy administrative positions in Universities in Nigerian, need not only to teach these students but to create sound healthy school environment hospitable for teaching, learning and research. The sound healthy school environment is to prevent the spread of corona virus pandemic in the schools which in most likely to interfere with the teaching, learning and research processes in Nigerian Universities if allowed to spread. This study is designed to use Henry Fayol’s approach to suggest how Vice-chancellors and Deans of the faculties should practically discharge their administrative roles in order to prevent Corona virus spread among the students and staff in Universities in Nigeria. This is expected to give an insight into healthy adaptive measures for both the students and staff in Universities in Nigeria. Finally, the following suggestions were made, which include: the various governing councils of Universities in Nigeria in collaboration with the Federal and state governments should provide preventive kits and other related health facilities in Universities to prevent the future spread of corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic in universities, provide infrastructures to make lecture halls’ or classrooms’ physical distancing possible, periodic fumigating of universities, wearing of nose and mouth masks, use of hand sanitizers, services of healthcare workers and creation of isolation centers in case of any health crises among others.

Keywords: Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Vice-Chancellors, Dean of Faculties, University Education, Henry Fayol’s Approach


Nsude, Anthony Okorie (Ph.D) and Okenwa, Gertrude Nkechi (Ph.D)
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